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About Us

HealthToday is an award-winning magazine dedicated to the holistic aspects of healthy living. We work closely with local medical professionals and non-government organizations in Malaysia.


In every issue of HealthToday, you can expect the following attractions:

  • Special Focus. Our Special Reports, Mini Reports and Health Bites present timely issues, medical matters and insight from respected opinion leaders, as well as lots of relevant tips and advice.
  • All the latest, most up-to-date, scientifically proven information and advice on physical and mental wellness as well as good nutrition and relationship building. These articles are categorized into sections such as Healthy Living, Body’s Best, Family First and Nutri-Wise so that you can locate articles that strike your interest simply by looking over our content page.
  • Insight from respected opinion leaders and authorities including medical specialists from a variety of fields, psychologists and psychiatrists, addiction specialists, parenting experts and more.
  • Cendol for the Soul. Inspiring true stories of survivors as well as those who go the extra mile to make our society a better place.
  • Cover Celebration and Famous Overcomers. Stories of local as well as foreign celebrities who rise above adversity and use their status to advocate for various causes.
  • Ask an Expert. Answers to your medical enquiries, provided by an expert on the topic.
  • Out and About. The latest happenings and events in the world of health, wellness and fitness.
  • Hot and Trending and Market Buzz. The latest news on products that will enhance your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Opportunities to win great prizes. 


What Our Reader Says

Keet Yi

I'm looking for inspirations to feel motivated about my health, and your articles and tips are useful. Thanks, HealthToday!