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Get Well Soon

April 29, 2022   Return

Having the flu is probably one of those times when we all feel our worst. So, why not cheer up your flu-stricken loved ones with a lovely gift basket?

To come up with a gift basket that will perk up your loved one’s spirits, come up with a list of items that will appeal to his or her the most. If you are not sure what these items are, it’s time for a quick analysis – time to call other family members and friends for tips!

Here are some items you can include in the gift basket:

1. A colouring book and colour pencils, crayons, or markers.

They say art is healing; let your loved ones colour their ills away. This will also keep them entertained while being stuck in bed, nursing the flu.

2. Some chocolates and sweets.

Nothing like a small amount of sugar and cocoa to lift the spirits!

3. Toiletries

– a small box of tissues, wet wipes (mild fragrance or unscented), hand sanitiser, and a toothbrush.

No prizes for guessing what the tissues and wet wipes are for. To blow their nose, of course! And it’s good to change their toothbrush after they have recovered from the flu.

4. A packet or can of soup.

Aaah! Some nice, hot soup can do wonders for the soul. Is your loved one a vegetarian? You can always pop in some easy-to-prepare chicken, mushroom or minestrone soup!

5. A bottle of lemon juice, honey and some tea bags.

There are a few things as soothing as a hot cup of honey and lemon or tea when one is down with flu.

6. Some goodies from the pharmacy – sore throat lozenges, painkillers and cough syrup.

Throat lozenges can help soothe a sore throat while painkillers can get rid of the body aches and pains. If your loved one has a cough as well, the cough syrup can help provide relief.

7. A copy of the latest issue of HealthToday.

This is a good time for your loved ones to read up on healthy lifestyle habits and start practising them for a healthier future.

8. A spa voucher for a massage,

a CD of cheerful songs and a playlist of your loved one’s favourite songs on Spotify.

What better way for your loved one to relax their mind than a day at the spa while listening to their favourite songs!

9. Fresh flowers and fruits.

After all said and done, fresh flowers do add a cheery note when they are down and dreary. Not to mention, eating fresh fruits every day can boost one’s immune system.

10. Write a note with nice, encouraging messages like ‘Wishing you a speedy recovery!’ and offer to help out with household chores for that personal touch.

Your loved ones will surely cherish a heartfelt note from you. All the more, when you offer to help with household chores like doing the laundry, cleaning the house, cooking and taking care of their children. Your efforts can ease their suffering and help them recover sooner.


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