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5 Ways to Up Your Office Game

May 1, 2022   Return

The phrase “rat race” is used to define our current lifestyle of constantly working and striving to make a living. Has it ever occurred to you that the rats may be happier off in their own race these days, compared to us?

Unsurprisingly, many employers are taking measures to improve their employees’ physical and mental well-being. However, some of our bosses may be a little bit slow in changing the workplace for the better.

Here are some small things we can do to make the workplace a brighter, healthier and happier place for ourselves while waiting for our bosses to catch up.

  1. Get a flu jab. The flu makes its round every year, toppling our colleagues down like dominos. Think of all those times when we had the flu. We have to go back to work feeling like death warmed over, and all that piled-up pending work only made us feel worse. Yearly flu jabs help us stay on top even during the worst bug season.
  2. Disinfect our workstation. Our workstation’s keyboard, phone and mouse are playgrounds of all kinds of germs. Make it a habit to clean them regularly using a disinfectant.
  3. Spruce up the pantry. Candies, soft drinks and snacks may help keep office blues at bay, but they can also cause our weight to rocket and weaken our immune system. If these unhealthy foods are a constant temptation, try stocking up on fresh fruits to present a healthier alternative. We may even store them in attractive baskets or jars to make them look more mouth-wateringly tempting.
  4. Healthy lunches for all. It can be disheartening to bring a healthy lunch to the office, only to eat alone as our colleagues head over to the nearby mamak for their usual mixed rice. Why not try to get them on the healthy bandwagon as well? Try preparing a regular-sized healthy pizza (lots of vegetables, less cheese), for example, and share it with our colleagues. There are also companies specialising in delivering healthy and delicious lunches to the office, and they may offer discounts for bulk orders. This may be a fun option to consider.
  5. Careful with caffeine. Coffee is great when we need a strong kick to stay focused (or awake) at work, but too much caffeine can cause addiction along with counter-productive side effects such as dizziness and tummy troubles. Stock up on alternatives, such as ginseng tea. Even plain ice water can do the trick.


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