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Nothing wrecks a diet as effectively as a meal at a fast food joint. A burger, a drink, and some fries may seem like a simple meal, but the calorie within the burger patty alone is considerable. Load up on sauce, mayo, cheese, extra patties and throw in the fries, and you’ll have a meal that will send your calorie consumption count into overload!

Not every trip to the fast food joint has to be a completely sinful indulgence, though. Stick to this simple plan.

Choose grilled items

These have fewer calories and less fat when compared to their breaded counterparts.

The smaller, the better

Pick the smallest portions – go small whenever possible. Avoid burgers with double or triple patties, as these would overload your calorie consumption count.

Pick the less sugary drink

When given the option, choose a drink that is low or free from sugar, such as mineral water or sugar-free soft drinks.

Skip the fries

If the option were available, switch out the fries with salad, corn, and other healthier options. Alternatively, order items separately instead of getting a meal set—you can skip the fries and the soft drink, and save a bit of money as well.

Watch the sauces!

Mayo, ketchup and chili sauce can cause the calorie count of your meal to bloat up by quite a bit. When it comes to these condiments, ask for less or skip them altogether. HT

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