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Laugh Out Loud!

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E_Lee-Jean Fung

Lee-Jean Fung   Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Laughter Yoga Malaysia

Lee-Jean Fung loves to laugh, which is obvious from the moment one sets eyes on her. Her wide, infectious smile can easily turn into laughter. Not surprisingly, she is a certified laughter yoga teacher with a mission to make the world a better place through the joys and benefits of laughter!

“Laughter yoga is a concept through which anyone can laugh even in the absence of stimuli such as jokes, humour or comedy,” explains Lee-Jean. “The concept brings together laughter exercises and yoga breathing, allowing more oxygen into the body while it enjoys the benefits of laughter.”


Laughter has many benefits, including:

  • Relaxes your whole body and reduces the level of stress hormones – you will feel less stressed and tensed.
  • Studies on middle-aged women indicate that laughter may help reduce the risk of depression, especially among older people.
  • Studies on cancer patients and survivors suggest that laughter may boost our immune system.
  • Possibly helps improve short-term memory, especially among older adults (both healthy and diabetic).

Everyone’s laughing these days!


Who wants to laugh? If Lee-Jean has her way, everyone deserves a laugh.

“Laughter yoga is the complete package for physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being,” says Lee-Jean. After all, it boosts fitness, reduces stress and improves our outlook on life. “And it’s practically free!” she adds. “You don’t need fancy equipment or memberships. Just gather some friends together and laugh!”

The popularity of laughter yoga has given rise to laughter clubs all over the world, including Malaysia. Lee-Jean’s very own Laughter Yoga Malaysia organises regular get-togethers for people who want to laugh their way to better health.

“Laughter clubs not only foster improved physical wellbeing, they also help us to develop a better balanced outlook in life. We will be more sensitive to our own emotions as well as those of other people. As a result, we will become less selfish and more giving,” Lee-Jean emphasizes.

Such clubs can also bring joy to the workplace, as they reduce stress levels, boost morale and improve employee fitness – all of which would only increase workplace productivity.

So, in addition to your usual routines to stay healthy and active, let’s take time to laugh.

To learn more about Laughter Yoga Malaysia, visit or their Facebook page (search for “Laughter Yoga Malaysia”).



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