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Fun & Inexpensive Ways to Get Your Kids to Learn New Things

May 7, 2022   Return

Words Lim Teck Choon

    1. Set up a weather station. Have your kids measure rainfall using empty drink bottles or jars and record the daily temperature using a thermometer for a start. They can record everything in a diary. As they become more knowledgeable about the weather, they can graduate to using home-made wind vanes to record the direction of the wind and home-made anemometers to measure wind speed. Hint! There is plenty of information online on how to set up a weather station for kids using simple materials.


    1. Learn a new language together. The whole family can attend a class or watch the relevant YouTube videos together. Practising together afterwards only adds to the fun.


    1. Visit historical monuments and geographical landmarks using Google Maps. Google Maps ( allows you to “bring” your kids to visit places such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Everest and more without having to get on a plane. Switch to satellite view to let your kids view these landmarks in 3D.


    1. Bring the family to visit a farm. This will let your kids discover what chicken, cows, ducks and more really look like. It will also introduce them to concepts such as agriculture, livestock breeding and more.


  1. Make new clothes out of old. If you are worried that your kids will grow up never being able to sew a seam or stitch a button, throw regular weekend sessions for the whole family to transform old clothes into fashionable delights. Let your kids practice adding hems, buttons and ribbons to these old clothes. For added fun, photograph the results for the family Facebook or Instagram. HT

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