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Get Smart: 5 Gadgets For A Healthy Heart

April 29, 2022   Return

Dr Ramasami Nandakumar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist


We love technology as much as you do – especially when it helps get your heart healthy! A cardiologist gives us an insight into using gadgets to promote cardiovascular health. From the coolest gizmos to the hottest wearables, learn how these tech devices can help make your heart healthy and happy.



You’ve seen them everywhere and probably even own a few, but what is it about fitness trackers that can help keep your cardio health in check? Simply wearing a fitness gadget makes you more aware of your overall lifestyle. This in turn means you will be more mindful of how your day pans out, the activity levels you keep and your overall health. There are a number of fitness trackers available in the market, but do you necessarily need to buy a top-of-the-line one? Like anything related to fitness, it boils down to your goals and utility. From heart rate monitoring, water proof functionality, and app proficiency to design wear ability (wrist, dongle, pin or even a pendant!) – there’s definitely a tracker meant for your exact needs.



If you need to monitor your blood pressure levels for health reasons, the new age BP monitors are portable, discreet and fairly accurate. You can choose between traditional sphygmomanometers, digital meters or the stylish and not so obvious wrist wearables.

Several popular home monitors are available that should make it to your consideration list. If you love technology and are comfortable with using apps for health tracking, these new age devices can be  a boon to have around. However, if you happen to be not as tech savvy, stick with the trusted traditional monitors that are easy to operate and fairly accurate too!



We can’t emphasise more on sleep and how important it is for your heart. Sleep trackers are devices that help you achieve your sleep goals and keep track of exactly how much shut-eye you really need. The highly popular Beddit3 slides under your sheets to assess your cardiac activity, movement, surrounding sounds and gives you the right information the next morning. There’s also the Nokia Sleep and Sleep Score Max that work equally well for sleep tracking enthusiasts. However, if you are looking to invest in both a fitness tracker and a sleep tracking device, we recommend a wearable tracker such as the Fitbit that does an excellent job of tracking heart rate to give you information about your sleep!



Looking for a magic cure that calms down your brain? Meditation devices may just be what you are looking for. Wearable meditation gear such as the Muse help gently guide your meditation routine through changing sounds allowing for deeper focus. Meditation has a variety of benefits including the ability to reduce stress and depression, thereby improving focus and your overall quality of life. If buying a meditation device seems like too much of an investment, try one of the popular meditation apps such as Headspace, Calm and The Mindfulness App first to see how technology can help you by leaps and bounds in your meditation practice.



We bet you own a scale! Whether it is to weigh those untimely indulgences or to track progress when you’ve been trying to lose some kilos, a weighing scale is now an essential household commodity. The smart scale though is anything but a humble device! From measuring BMI to body fat, heart rate and tracking your progress via an app – these scales are perfect for overall health monitoring. Smart scales are brilliant at tracking your progress and a perfect final addition to that growing tech gizmo collection. Whether you choose a Garmin, Fitbit or the affordable Mi scale; if it helps keep your weight in check, it will keep your heart in check! HT


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