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Ask people what defines a man and, chances are, the first thing that crosses the mind are those body parts down below. There are at least 174 ways to describe the penis using the English language, and at least 100 for the testicles. We said ‘at least’, because there is no doubt that more slangs and creative euphemisms are created for those body parts with each passing year.

We may talk and think quite a lot about those body parts, but just how well do you really know the male reproductive system? Our grandparents often tell us that to truly know something is to love it, so guys, if you really want to love those parts down below, let’s take a while to know them better.

Here are the Guy Bits

Comedians and other people who think they are so funny often describe men as simple, uncomplicated creatures. Well, compared to the fairer sex, there may be some truth to that. For one, biology has decided that the human male reproductive system is less complex than the female reproductive system!

You are no doubt familiar with the penis and scrotum as they are the visible components of the male reproductive system. Hidden from view and less well-known are structures inside the body, such as testes and prostate gland 

The structures of the male reproductive system serve three important functions – to let you look like and function as a man, allow you to make babies and get rid of urine. 

The testicles produce sperm cells, which are then sent to the epididymis to mature. The prostate gland (which technically is part of the exocrine system) produces a fluid that make up a big part of the semen. This fluid serves to nourish sperm cells, so that they function properly to allow the conception of new life.

The testicles also produce and release male sex hormones such as testosterone. These hormones play key roles in the regulation of many important functions to give men their distinctive characteristics (facial hair, huskier voice, etc) and maintain the function of their reproductive system.

The penis also helps to expel urine, which contains excess water and unwanted waste products.

What Can Go Wrong?

Men are naturally concerned about the possibility of things not working properly, especially when it comes to making babies. However, let’s not overlook the dreaded ‘C’ word – cancer. Find out more in the next article.

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