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Keep Dengue Away from Your Loved Ones

April 28, 2022   Return


The Aedes aegypti mosquito lays its eggs in clear, fresh water. Any area of standing water is a potential breeding ground.

Just 10 minutes!

Every weekend, spend 10 minutes checking your house for potential mosquito breeding spots and eliminating them. Use our checklist below as a guide. This is a small step, but you’d be amazed at how much difference it can make for you and your loved ones!

Getting started

  • Cover the gully trap of your sinks or install an anti-mosquito valve in each one.
  • If you use an air-conditioner, remove the tray. Hire a contractor to redirect the water from the air conditioner to the bathroom.

Do these every day

  • Turn over containers, bowls, plates and other utensils that can collect water and keep them dry. If you cannot turn them over, cover them.
  • Discard all unwanted containers that can collect water.
  • Ensure your dustbins are always properly covered.


Do these every two days

  • If you use flower pot plates, discard collected water every two days and scrub the plate thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs. (It’s best not to use these plates in the first place!)
  • Change the water in flower vases. Flush the roots of the plant with running water, and scrub the inside of the vase thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs.

Do these once a week

  • Clear drains of fallen leaves and other forms of blockage.
  • If you keep a garden, clear debris and remove any stagnant water collected on leaves and branches.


Do these once a month

  • Check roof gutters for blockages and clear any that is found. Add some bleach solution or Bti insecticide for added protection. Alternatively, use insecticidal paint on your roof gutters. 
  • In areas where the collection of stagnant water is unavoidable, add some Bti insecticide or bleach solution.

If your area has plenty of mosquitoes

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants or skirts.
  • Place mosquito screens on doors and windows.
  • Use a mosquito net when you go to sleep.
  • Watch out for signs and symptoms of dengue.

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