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There are a few good reasons to share your kitchen time with a toddler. One, seeing their parent prepare the foods will increase the toddler’s interest in their foods come mealtime. Two, it’s another opportunity to bond with the little one. Finally, three—by aiming for the long run and cultivating your toddler’s interest in foods and food preparation, you are raising a child who would one day be able to cook for themselves, their own families… and you!

Get a high chair
Place your toddler in a high chair in a safe corner of the kitchen. That way, you can both keep an eye on your kid and get meals ready for the family.

Let the kid think they are helping
If your kid insists on wanting to help (or, in some cases, taking over from you), you can let them feel important by giving them very simple chores.

For instance, if your kid shows interest in your efforts while stirring a pot, you can give them a small bowl of cool gravy and let them have fun stirring it from the safety of the high chair.

When they are older, let them help

Let them do simple chores, such as passing over a fruit for you from the fridge, helping you wash the vegetables and setting the spoons and forks on the dining table.

You can also look up simple recipes that you and your kid can prepare together.

Also, don’t forget to get them to help in the cleaning up! HT

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