Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) Announces Appointment of New Chief Scientific Officer

Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) today announces the retirement of Professor Datin Paduka Dr Teo Soo Hwang, the founding Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), effective April 30, 2024.


Serving as the Founding Chief Executive from January 2001 to March 2003 and again from July 2006 to February 2020, she has been a driving force behind numerous groundbreaking initiatives.

Under her leadership, CRMY initiated the Malaysian Breast Cancer Genetic Study, leading to significant advancements in understanding cancer risk factors and the development of the Asian Genetic Risk Calculator (ARiCa).

In recognition of her contributions, Professor Teo was honored with the title of Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2018, a testament to her dedication to advancing medical research.

Reflecting on her retirement, Professor Teo said, “The best time for a founder to move on is when the organization is strong. I realized that CRMY is much bigger than any one individual, and that to grow, it must evolve. Having a leader stay for too long can inhibit this evolution.”


Stepping into the role of Chief Scientific Officer is Professor Dr Cheong Sok Ching, an esteemed scientist and leader in translational cancer biology and digital health. Her research focuses on refining cancer treatment and patient outcomes by investigating cancer development at a molecular level.

Having been a part of CRMY’s family since 2002, Professor Cheong initially joined as a Postdoctoral Fellow and has steadily progressed to the role of Senior Group Leader in 2016.

Just prior to this latest promotion, Professor Cheong held the position of Deputy Chief Scientific Officer for the past several years since before the pandemic.

Throughout her tenure, she has consistently demonstrated a strong dedication to advancing cancer research and innovation, making significant contributions to the organization’s mission.

One of Professor Cheong’s notable achievements is the development of MeMoSA (Mobile Mouth Screening Anywhere) app, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven digital health platform for early detection of oral cancer. Her groundbreaking work on MeMoSA earned her the Senior Scientist Category award in the 8th Underwriters Laboratories-Asean-US Science Prize for Women in 2022.

“I want science in our country to work well, with everyone involved, like ministries and businesses, working together for good changes that last. By fostering strong partnerships and alignment across sectors, we can ensure that advancements in science benefit everyone, driving progress and prosperity for generations to come,” said Professor Cheong.


Andy Khoo, CEO of Cancer Research Malaysia, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, warmly welcomed Professor Cheong Sok Ching into her new role as the organization’s Chief Scientific Officer.

He shared that the Board of Trustees expressed tremendous excitement about looking forward to Professor Cheong’s fresh scientific leadership in advancing the organization’s future research efforts.

Andy also emphasized Professor Cheong’s pivotal role in driving forward the organization’s research initiatives in past projects and is anticipating her contributions to further advance CRMY’s mission in combating cancer.

This is a press statement provided by Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY). It has been edited for clarity.